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Thanks for visiting our web site. You came to the right place! We have over 20 years of DJ experience, a music collection containing many types of genres; therefore we have the ability to cover a variety of events and musical tastes. We boast state-of-the-art DJ systems and lighting, which provide a high quality professional sound and ambiance.

Our experience and services includes Weddings, Corporate Events, School Events, Night Clubs, Fund Raisers, Fashion Shows, Cabarets, Sweet 16’s and Quinceaneras, House Parties, Birthday Parties, Cookouts and other events requiring DJ entertainment.

We take pride in delivering continuous, reliable and high quality sounding music for your event. We are very dependable, which is very important in this business, and we build long relationships with our clients based on trust, quality and customer service. We have three systems, so we can accommodate any size venue and event. We use the latest state of the art equipment to eliminate the chance of failures during your event, and just in case we do have a failure we also carry backup equipment for emergencies, as well as years of experience in troubleshooting problems with electronics. We have the knowledge, experience, music and equipment to make your event one to remember!

DJ Danny T BIO

My love for music began at a very young age. I recall listening to my father’s records when only five. My father gave me my first component system. I was 10 then. Dad probably did so because he was tired of me monopolizing his stereo all the time.

Around the age of 11, my father bought me a drum set. As time progressed word of my skills with sticks traveled. After getting pretty good I started playing in a couple of bands with a few friends; one Rock, the other R&B. I loved playing drums to Rock, known as Classic Rock today; R&B and Pop favorites.

I enjoyed music so much, as artists introduced genres, I would consume myself with mastering the top songs. Around 1981 D.C. Go-Go emerged as the hottest sound on the scene. I had those beats down. I could not wait to get to the concerts. Rap-music emerged on to the music scene and quickly grew to popularity.

The next level of music exposure, thus natural transition was spinning the “wheels of steel”. I remember being captivated watching Run DMC perform his lyrics while DJ Jam Master Jay worked it out on the turntables. From that point, I was convinced that I wanted to become a DJ. I had found my I thought.

A few years later, Christmas 1987, I secured my first Gemini turntables complement by my first from Radio Shack mixer. I practiced scratching and mixing every day, hours at a time. I soon began performing at small house parties for friends and family to hone my craft. Igniting the crowd pumped me up. I got off on the dancing, the noise, the excitement...DJ Danny T came to be!

Another one of my early ventures involved starting a rap group with one of the young guys in my neighborhood. Like everyone else with the dream of rap fame and fortune, I traveled back and forth to NYC, buying records, equipment, learning beats and styles from New York. We went on to perform at various talent shows. We were committed to getting into the Hip Hop business. After realizing I may have to put that dream on the shelf, I refocused my energy and love of music to help others.

My new hobby and talent were born. I built a home studio then started producing music for local R&B and Rappers who were trying to get their first break. That’s when I started Wheels of Steel Productions. A few years later, I started my mobile DJ business while splitting time DJ’ing in clubs.

Today, many years later, my hobby and love of music has become a business that I share with my wife Sandi. She brings her electric personality as the company's MC at weddings, large parties, cabarets, and corporate events. She leaves the kids’ gigs to me. My wife says she’s a mom first. Therefore some dances are a little too racy for her. (haha) Overall, we have a great time together and with our clients. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our talents and expertise with your companies, families, and friends.

Thank you for your business and your trust,

Warmest regards,
DJ Danny T


U.S. Navy

3RD Annual DC Designer
Collections Fashion Show

Booz Allen Hamilton

Benfield Elementary School

NASA Holiday Party

FILA/ENYCE Holiday Party

Baltimore World Trade Center


Gee's Night Club

The American Heart Association
Jump Rope for Heart

Huntingtown Elementary

Huntingtown Family Day

Sequoquia Restaurant in

Bennington Apt. Community (Silver Spring, Md)

References are available upon request.

Enrica Cafe on U St.

Capital Hill Tandoor and Grill
For talent shows, cheerleaders and pom pom's, demo cd's and more!!
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R&B, Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Top 40, Participation Dances, Hip Hop/Rap, Motown, Reggae, Jazz, Latin (Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton), Country, D.C. Go-Go, House, Baltimore Club, Line Dance, Hand Dance, Gospel and much more!!!